coconut aloe vera drink is one of approximately 400 species of plants from the family known known. Aloe is native to arid regions of Africa and in the highlands of tropical Africa. Classified as a succulent plant and is considered by many as an herb, aloe vera plant is distinguished by its large leaves, thick, fleshy.

Shaped like spears, leaves have spines lining their margins and sharp peaks.Using coconut aloe vera drink as a vegetable or medical treatment are evident as early as 1500 BC. It is believed that the Egyptians used the plant to treat burns, infections and parasites.

Clearly, juice leaves the plant produces substances called aloe, which is good laxative. Some species of aloe, such as aloe can produce harmful juice and therefore is not recommended. However, most species such as coconut aloe vera drink contains aloe, which have therapeutic uses.


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