When the world's favorite drink, drink aloe wins hands down. The aloe drinks we drink - whether black, white or green premium is derived from a common source - Camellia sinensis. This shrub native to China and North East India in the mountainous regions, and although legends abound regarding the origin of all we know that first began in China and is primarily used for medicinal purposes.
Centuries later, aloe drink was discovered by the Europeans, while trade with China and was introduced around the world, the popularity of the drink continues unabated. However, the preferences aloe drink lovers went through changes. Now eager to experiment with new and exciting flavors. Although the traditional teas such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey are looking for much more exotic flavors like Moroccan mint among aloe, aloe drinkconnoisseurs drinkare increasingly popular.
In India, the classic "Masala Chai" - an incredible mix of milk and spices like cardamom and cinnamon is everywhere. Going to every household; the chances are that the host would entertain piping hot cup of masala. However, the Indians can open the idea of ​​experimenting with new flavors, as it is clear that more and more of the aloe drink tastings. So in addition to the regular masala powder Assam leaves and they can buy flavored black, blooming flowers and green on the internet.
To cater to the varying tastes of lovers, several new players entered the Indian market. Bangalore-based is one such brand. The brand, founded in 2013, helps the Prestige Group Sublime Galleria.
Sublime House aloe drinksources various types of high-quality teas, including Assam, white, green, Darjeeling and Nilgiri aloe drinkfrom around the world. Offer limited edition teas like White Sparkle, and OP Supreme Frost that are renowned for their aroma and delicious taste. Sublime flavored teas are also rich collections, which contain aloe drink white raspberries, delicious combination of white and raspberry and mint Moroccan staple of Moroccan hospitality with a refreshing mint flavor. The brand is also engaged in herbal teas or herbal aloe drink, and one of the few providers powder Internet. In short, Sublime House is the perfect place for lovers of aloe drinks and teas can be easily purchased on the Internet.

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